Afternoon Drive with Julie



Julie Morales has been living, working and playing in the Napa Valley since 1995.  She started working at Silverado Resort and met some amazing people who helped pave the way for many new beginnings. She moved here with her now husband, Tony in 1996 and started as a “beer girl” at the Napa Chefs Market. This event introduced her to what she knew she wanted to do…EVENTS!  She started working for the Downtown Napa Association and took over the Chefs Market when it was changed to Thursday nights and still runs all the downtown events for the organization including Napa Live, Main Street Reunion Car Show and Blues, Brews & BBQ. This opened the door to create her own event business; just recently launched this year, Team Morales Event Specialists. Although, radio was always a passion of hers since the early days of watching “WKRP in Cincinnati” and always wishing to be a DJ because of her love of music and also the gift of gab! She first came to the radio station in 2000 and did everything at the station except the News. She eventually got her big break by taking over the ever popular “Swap Shop” on the AM station, 1440 KVON.  She is now excited to be back at the station and is the new afternoon drive DJ weekdays Monday through Friday on 99.3 FM The Vine. Julie is very involved in her community serving on the Board of Directors with the Kiwanis Club of Napa and also serving on the Board of Napa’s local theater Lucky Penny Productions. Julie has a beautiful talented 11 year old daughter Sophia and absolutely loves living in the most amazing community of Napa where she says she has met the best people of her life.

Favorite Artists:  Favorite Band of all time is The Eagles!  I also love Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Pearl Jam, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson….oh man, there’s too many!  I just really LOVE MUSIC!

Favorite Drink:  For those that know me best, my go to drink is Vodka Tonic splash of cran, also love a good whiskey ginger or just give me a shot of fireball with a Sierra Nevada!

Passion Project: A good friend of mine created “Locals Helping Locals” which is a program based on helping locals in Napa that need that extra help.  Example: you have a job, you pay your bills, but then an unexpected emergency happens and you and your family lose it all. We take nominations for people like this, we interview them, we look at all their expenses like rent, groceries, etc. and we get them what they need to get by and they pay it back through community service, no money involved.  We pay their bills directly, give them grocery gift cards, gas cards, etc. The way we make money is by selling a LOCALS CLUB card with tons of Napa business discounts on it for only $50. The project is started, we just need the funds and support. My passion truly is to help people and I am hopeful for this project to take off.